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Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) – Campus VUB Etterbeek – Auditoriums D and Q
Brussels (BELGIUM)


If you arrive in Brussels on Monday 6th February morning you will probably want to join directly the conference centre by train or public transport, see all the details below.

Registration desk in Building D, level 02
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) – Campus Etterbeek
2 boulevard de la Plaine / Pleinlaan, 1050 Brussels (Belgium)

GPS coordinates (WGS84): Lat. 50.821579 / Long. 4.394752



- From Brussels Airport (Zaventem) BRU
From Brussels Airport (BRU) you can use the train (-1 level of the terminal) to reach Brussels (c. 20 min.). Note that there are several railway stations in Brussels, the main ones are “Brussels North”, “Brussels Central” (closest to city centre), “Brussels Midi” (where TGV arrive), “Brussels Schuman” and “Brussels Luxembourg” (both located near the European quarter). There are four trains per hour, running from around 5:30 am until past midnight. Make sure you have a ticket that includes the Diabolo supplement, that is required for all journeys to/from the airport (cost 7.60 € in second class).
A bus terminal is located one level above the train station and you can use line 12 or 21, depending on the day you arrive, between the airport and rue de Trèves, located near the “Brussels Luxembourg” railway station.
A taxi to Brussels costs c. 45€.

⇒ BRU Airport website:

- From Brussels South Charleroi Airport CRL
Some low-cost airlines have chosen “Brussels South Charleroi” to establish their continental hubs but the name is misleading (for obvious commercial reasons) since the airport is actually located near Charleroi rather than near Brussels.
Approximately 45 minutes away from Brussels, you have two possibilities: either the shuttle bus to/from rue de France next to Brussels-Midi station for €13 single, €22 return; or regular public transport, using bus A/68 to Charleroi-Sud station then train to Brussels or any other destination in Belgium. For the latter, a flat-rate "combo" ticket can be purchased from machines at the airport for 19.40 € to any Belgian station.
A taxi to Brussels costs 90 € (fixed prices apply). Taxis from Brussels are more expensive (120 € when booked in advance, otherwise up to 170 €).

⇒ CRL Airport website:


International trains such as Thalys, Eurostar, the French TGV or the German ICE stop at Brussels-Midi station.
It’s quite easy to leave the station using public transport, either the Metro (Line 2 and 6 that follow the limits of the "Pentagon" surrounding the city centre), the Pre-metro (in fact, an underground portion of the tram system) that crosses the city centre from North to South (more details on the public transport page), or using another train. To go to “Etterbeek” station (very close to the VUB campus) from one of the main Brussels railway station, check for trains going to “Ottignies” and stopping at all stations. Taxi services are just outside the station (check for signs).

⇒ SNCB website:



If you arrive in Brussels on Monday 6th February morning you will probably want to join directly the conference venue. This can be done by train by reaching station "Etterbeek", which is 5 min walk from the conference venue, as following:

From "Brussels Airport-Zaventem", you have 2 direct trains per hour joining directly station Etterbeek (travel time = 25 min, cost 8.70€):
- departure time at h17' for train destination Namur-Dinant which stops at Etterbeek at h41'.
- departure time at h47' for train destination Charleroi-Sud which stops at Etterbeek at (+1)h11'.

From "Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid" train station - i.e. the main station if you arrive by train from abroad, also connected to "Brussels-South-Charleroi" airport and "Paris-CDG" airport - you have 3 trains per hour joining Etterbeek (travel time 25 to 30 min, usually no cost if you arrive by train to Bruxelles-Midi but check conditions):
- departure time at h19' (platform 17) for train destination Louvain-la-Neuve-Université which stops at Etterbeek at h45' (can also be taken at Bruxelles-Central h23' or Bruxelles-Nord h30').
- departure time at h48' (platform 14) for train destination Ottignies which stops at Etterbeek at (+1)h12' (can also be taken at Bruxelles-Central h52' or Bruxelles-Nord h58').
- departure time at h03' (platform 12) for train destination Liège-Palais which arrives at station "Bruxelles-Luxembourg" at h23' where you can catch another train at h29' direction "Mérode" and which stops at Etterbeek at h32' (only one stop). Alternatively, outside station "Bruxelles-Luxembourg" you can take a bus n°95 destination "Wiener" which also stops at Etterbeek (travel time about 5 min).

⇒ SNCB website:


The public transport network in Brussels includes train, metro, tram or bus and is convenient, at least during day time. The companies that manage the public transport system are:
- STIB/MIVB for metro, trams and buses within the Brussels city limits, plus some Airport bus to Brussels Airport,
- TEC and DE LIJN for buses to Wallonia and Flanders, respectively,
- SNCB/NMBS (Belgian Railways) for trains: within the city, essentially on the track Midi-Central-Nord although trains to e.g. Namur, Luxembourg also stop at Schuman (the railway station next to the metro station) and Luxembourg.
The STIB/MIVB network consists of 4 lines for metros, 17 lines for tramways, 50 lines for the buses, and 11 noctis bus (night lines).
Each individual ticket or stamping/swiping of multi-trip ticket entitles you to unlimited changes of metro, tram or bus for 60 minutes, but you have to stamp/swipe your card on each new means of transport. Multi-trip cards are not nominative and so can be used between more than one person.
Fares information:
- JUMP is a paper/card ticket that has to be stamped in orange machines:
1 fare (purchased outside vehicle): 2.10 €,
1 fare (purchased inside bus or tram) 2.50 €,
1 day JUMP: 7,50 € (Airport Line 12/21 included).
- MOBIB is a plastic chip-card (cost 5 €) which has to be validated at metro stations or on buses/trams by holding it against the white circle on the red machines:
10-trip card: MOBIB 14 €.
⇒ STIB/MIVB tickets will be available in the registration desk.

⇒ STIB website:
⇒ STIB network map website:
⇒ STIB fares website:

You can reach the VUB Etterbeek campus using tramways 7 and 25 (VUB or Etterbeek Gare/Station stops), and bus 95 (Etterbeek Gare/Station stop). You have to walk a little more if you use metro 5 (Pétillon stop) and buses 71/72 (Fraiteur stop). Entrance 6 in the VUB campus is closed and the easy way to reach the Conference centre is to use the entrances 9-10-11-12 and 13, following arrows.


The VUB campus is located in La Plaine, in the Ixelles district, here some instructions:

- From the Namur motorway (E411): at the end of the motorway, the Plaine campus is in front of you.
- From the Liège motorway (E40): at the end of the motorway, follow the direction Bruxelles Sud (Brussels South). On the Boulevard Général Jacques, take the Boulevard du Triomphe to the left.
- From the Paris-Mons motorway (E19): leave the motorway at Drogenbos and follow the direction Centre Ville (city centre). Having reached start of Avenue Brugmann (Square des Héros), turn right at Avenue De Fré. Cross the Chaussée de Waterloo to enter the Bois de la Cambre (the Cambre woods). Carry straight on, passing two sets of traffic lights, then take the first authorised turning to the right. Carry straight on along the Boulevard Général Jacques to the Boulevard de la Plaine.
- From the Ostende motorway (E40): follow the direction Centre Ville (city centre), then take the tunnels to the exit to the Bois de la Cambre. Take the tunnel to the right and continue along the full length of the Avenue Louise. Having reached the entry to the Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, turn left into Boulevard Général Jacques and carry on to the Boulevard de la Plaine.
- From the Antwerp motorway: take the Ring Ouest (RO) (Ring Road West) to the east up to the intersection of the Liège motorway. Follow the direction Bruxelles Sud (Brussels South). On the Boulevard Général Jacques, take the Boulevard du Triomphe to the left.

⇒ Access to the VUB parking (entrance 13) is possible, using the special barcode provided in your conference website space. But a sufficient number of places is not guaranteed, especially if you arrive late.


The conference centre is organized in four close buildings:
- Building D for registrations, the four parallel sessions, posters session, the welcome cocktail, coffee breaks, with also side rooms (cloak room, meeting/working rooms, gtö board room).
- Building Q for the opening and closing ceremonies, plenary talks, the public lecture, and gtö membership assembly.
- Building E for the computers room.
- Building R for the VUB restaurant, and especially the conference dinner party, lunch breaks (another snack is opened between buildings D and E).