Instructions for Oral Presentations

Tips for presentations (pdf)


We like to provide a maximum number of participants the possibility to give an oral presentation, so only one talk can be proposed per person (posters can also be submitted by the same speaker). Accordingly, there will be 15 min for each speaker (12 min + 3 min discussion). Please make sure to stay in this time period.

The conference rooms are equipped with a beamer and a Windows computer to allow PowerPoint Presentations. Pay attention, it will not be possible to use your own computer. There will be no Macintosh computer. Please make sure that your PowerPoint presentation can run on a Windows computer, and prepare a PDF presentation to be sure...

To minimize potential incompatibilities between the software versions you use and those we use to display the presentations, we recommend limited use of animation, use of common Windows fonts for text and symbol fonts for equations. Bring your presentation to the conference on CD-R or USB memory stick, check beforehand with our IT staff after uploading that the presentation runs properly.

Speakers, please provide memory stick to our staff in charge of uploading presentations in the IT Office when you register. This allows us more time in case problems should occur. Especially speakers for the first sessions on Monday should be in time. Speakers who might not plan to attend on Monday and are scheduled for a later date, please provide your presentation up on arrival to our staff at the IT Office. In any case, bring your presentation before the coffee break preceding the start of your session. Please check the page


Poster sessions are an important part of this conference. We have saved an attractive time window for the poster session.

Please put up your poster after registering. Posters should be on display from Monday 06 February 2017 until the end of the Conference on Friday 10 February 2017, posters should be removed on Friday by 14:00 as remaining ones will be disposed.

Authors are expected to attend their poster at the scheduled time slot. Please consult the conference program.

Posters will be allocated to the Session submitted and will have an individual ID Number. The Boards will have headings according to the Sessions and will be numbered and labelled with your ID.

Posters will have to be stuck to the hard top boards. Power strips or pins will be supplied by the organisers.

Each poster presentation will be allocated one display board. The dimensions of the poster should be in A0 portrait format (120 cm high and 85 cm wide).